Safe student housing


Studying in Groningen is amazing! All the more so if you get to live in student accommodation! But there are certain things that may put a damper on the party. To reduce this risk as much as possible, we have listed some information for you here. Such as how to fireproof your room and accommodation as much as possible. And how to safely exit the house in the event of a fire (which you can never fully exclude). Check the handy tips on this page. 

Three things to remember

Unfortunately we regularly find ourselves arriving at student housing sirens blaring. As was the case in Warmoesstraat in Groningen a few years ago. A student room on the first floor had caught on fire, producing a lot of smoke. Fortunately the students in the house got out safely. Here are three things that you should know and that you can do.

  1. Smoke detectors save lives! Install working, linked smoke detectors in all the student rooms and in the corridor.
  2. Yo, close the door! Close inside doors as much as possible, as this can slow the spread of the smoke and the fire, giving you more time to escape.
  3. No larger than a football! You may be able to put out that fire if you have an extinguisher within easy reach. Is the fire larger than a football? Then get out now and call 112.

Do you have any questions about safe student accommodation? Check the fire safety list

Fire safety and coronavirus

If you are worried about fire safety or have questions about this, get in touch with us, even in times of coronavirus. Together we will find a suitable solution.

How can you apply the rules as a resident of a student house? Check the Q&A

Request a fire safety check

We love nothing better than having a coffee with students. We also like to share tips on how to avoid having us roll up to your house sirens blaring.


  1. Do you share a house?
  2. Does the fire department or the municipality of Groningen not check your house annually?
  3. Would you like a visit from a group of firemen/women?
  4. Do you want to know what's the story in your house in terms of fire safety?
  5. Do you serve good coffee?

If your answer to all 5 questions is yes, then we'll gladly visit you.

Do you live in a student residence with 4 or less student rooms? Then do the fire safety check and bag your own pimped out smoke detector. We will install it for you.

Do you live in a student residence with 5 or more student rooms? Request a free fire inspection.

Things to bear in mind as a student in our beautiful city!

  1. Be careful around the canals, especially on nights out!
  2. Check the fire safety of your student room, be prepared!
  3. Take out fire insurance for your stuff
  4. Register at your new address with the municipality of Groningen
  5. Do you have a complaint about the landlord or broker of your student accommodation? Report this to Meldpunt Ongewenst Verhuurgedrag (MOV)

Do you want to know which arrangements the municipality makes for you? Go to

If your smoke detector goes off, always get up to check if something's going on. We got off scot-free precisely because our alarm worked.

  • Third-year International Business student Niels van der Wal. Third-year International Business student Niels van der Wal.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning!

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You can't see, smell, or taste CO. Don't let this happen to you! Fortunately you can easily prevent CO poisoning:

  • Air out your room 24/7; leave a vent open or keep the window ajar
  • Check whether heating appliances such as a central heating boiler or a gas heater are inspected once a year by a qualified expert
  • Buy and install a carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) on the ceiling of the space where the combustion apparatus is installed. Are you unable to hear the alarm when your door is closed? Then install another detector in your own room at breathing height.

More information about carbon monoxide