The Netherlands Fire Service

Heart and soul

The Netherlands Fire Service (Brandweer Nederland) consists of more than 28,000 firefighters who are committed to their fellow citizens heart and soul and are working 24/7 for a fire-safe society. They are helpful, decisive and experts at what they do.

Fewer fires, fewer casualties, less damage and loss

No two fire brigades are the same. But there are some topics that are relevant to all brigades, such as response times, reducing the number of false alerts, fighting fires in nature, and general business management. This is something that is dealt with at a national level, while taking regional differences into consideration. Rules, guidelines, methods, equipment, knowledge and quality are also examples of issues that are addressed nationally. The Netherlands Fire Service acts decisively and unanimously and with one common goal: fewer fires, fewer casualties, less damage and loss.

The Netherlands Fire Service: one programme, six task areas

The Netherlands Fire Service is the organisation under which all the Dutch fire brigades work together, headed by the Board of Fire Chiefs (Raad van Brandweercommandanten). This board consists of the 25 fire chiefs of the security regions. The board has an executive committee with a chairman and six programme heads. The various programme heads are responsible for individual areas of the National Fire Services Programme (Landelijk Programma Brandweerzorg):

  • Risk control and Fire-safe living
  • Incident control
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Crisis management
  • Information management
  • People and business operations

Fire service for tomorrow

The general public have again rated the fire service as the most reliable provider of emergency assistance and this makes us very proud. However, we keep building on our knowledge and we continually prepare ourselves for, and respond to, changes in society. How do we do this and what is our view of the future? We have described this in our book ‘De Brandweer over morgen'. Here, the emphasis is on increasing people's ability to get themselves to safety without assistance and on improving fire safety awareness among companies and the general public. To achieve this, we are opting for technical innovations, such as new fire extinguishing agents and equipment, and new equipment to save people. But we also, and specifically, invest in the development of our professionals in order to enable them to continue to do their ever-changing work properly and with passion and pleasure. Because it is our people that are the foundations of the fire services.


Fire safety brochures

“A house fire will never happen to me.”
That’s what you think ...

And yet the fire service receives thousands of reports of fires in homes every year. Sometimes there is only material damage. But every year hundreds of people are injured and there are dozens of fatalities.

Luckily there’s a lot you can do to improve fire safety in your home and, if there is a fire, to limit its effects. This check list can help you. It could save your life and the lives of other members of your household.


Active and involved

The work is carried out in networks and research groups that consist of fire fighters from all over the country who each contribute their own specific knowledge or experience. Like no one else, they know exactly what is happening on the work floor. Any support required is given by the central office of the Netherlands Fire Service.

Strong together, Safe together


The Netherlands Fire Service and the Dutch Security Agency

We work closely together with the Dutch Security Agency (Veiligheidsberaad). The Security Agency is made up of the chairmen of the executive committees of the 25 Dutch Security Regions. The Board of Fire Chiefs advises the Security Agency on all matters regarding fire and fire safety. Together with the Regional Medical Emergency Preparedness and Planning Organisation (GHOR), the police, the municipalities and colleagues from the security regions, we strive for the optimum level and quality of disaster response and crisis management in the Netherlands. In this way, we contribute to a safer society.

Corporate Brochure

Every fire brigade, which is headed by its own fire brigade chief, is under the authority of the executive committee of the security region. Together, the 25 fire brigade chiefs form the National Board of Fire Chiefs.

Fewer fires, fewer casualties, less damage and loss